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About US

Ratel Cybersecurity is an innovative organization that redefines the information and network security services industry. With dynamic and ever-changing business demands and information technology requirements in the modern-day, security-related concerns, issues and challenges are more prevalent than ever before.

In a sea of constantly evolving cyber threats, can your company stay afloat? How attractive is your organization to hackers, including BYOD and mobile devices? How prone is your organization to a data breach?

Cybersecurity audits help bring clarity and insight. Our services provide knowledge and validation of your cybersecurity controls. Our consultants have extensive experience and offer best practices to strengthen company programs. Consultants maintain training in new regulations up-to-date thus ensuring systems and processes meet current regulatory standards. Our consultants identify potential issues and suggest improvements. As a third party, we offer neutral, accurate, and objective evaluations of programs and objective assessments of your organization’s current cybersecurity footprint or lack thereof.

In the old days, before organizations became customer-obsessed, information security was simple. Back then, cybersecurity operated in the shadows and it worked just fine … until it didn’t.


Today, cybersecurity is front and center for senior leadership, boards, customers, and partners. All these stakeholders can tell you what Target is now famous for: a customer data breach that cost the company over $200 million. In an increasingly competitive business landscape, forward-thinking organizations are integrating information security into business processes to avoid becoming the next "Target". Unfortunately, the complexity of the nuts and bolts of data security and digital threats can make it difficult to address the issue.

Cybersecurity is not an IT problem. It’s a business problem. Ninety-two percent of organizations surveyed through the EY 2018-19 Global Information Security Survey called their information security insufficient. An information security program likely has multiple lines of defense, including encryption, authorization, and data integrity measures, but these systems and processes only work if people use them.

Cybersecurity can help:

  • Reduce compliance risks and fines

  • Reduce unnecessary cost

  • Protect the company brand

  • Deliver a value proposition for your customers

Our organization is based on a bottom-up approach that technical experts primarily drive. Working with a bottom-up approach, we can execute and deliver services in a more efficient and agile manner; understanding key challenges that your service design, planning, creation, and operations team face daily. By collaborating and working proactively on project engagements, we strive to provide integrated and innovative end-to-end solutions empowering your business through mitigating risk and streamlining your operational effectiveness.

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